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(QB) Rose Sh Assorted (4 Different Colors, No Red Color)
100 Stems of 4 Assorted Color Roses
Select Delivery Date: Feb 14, 2020
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Subtotal: $112.99
Buy Vibrant Inexpensive Purple Spray Carnation
Purple - Hot Pink with Cream Tones Spray Carnations
From 100 to 300 Spray Carnations: 400 - 1200 Blooms
These vibrant inexpensive purple spray carnations will make a statement that is both bold and lovely.
100 - 300 Stems Spray Carnations
10 - 30 bouquets of 10 stems each
Hand Picked
The stems are 20" - 22" long
Vase Life: Stage on arrival:
Fresh Closed Bud
Time to Bloom:
14 - 26 Hours
Diameter when bloomed:
1.2" - 1.4"
Number of Petals per Flower: n/a
Product Code: carnations-spray-purple-qty
If you are looking for bold arrangements for your home, buy vibrant inexpensive purple spray carnations with wide open blooms and ruffled petals. The most impressive bundle of mini carnations for your home, office desk or mom's bedside table. These flowers are beloved by many thanks to their luscious appeal since every stem carries around three to six blooms.

This versatile flower is a master of all trades that can be added to any space or arrangement. To maintain the freshness of your bouquet, do take extra precaution in making sure that all buckets, vases and tools used to trim and rehydrate flowers are cleaned thoroughly and are free from bacteria. Buy vibrant inexpensive purple spray carnations now with complimentary delivery and they will arrive fresh with protective sleeves in carton boxes.

For special events, we recommend delivery
2 to 3 days prior, to allow flowers to bloom.

*Credits or refunds will not be issued if orders
are delivered 1 day later than the scheduled date
due to unforeseen courier related issues.
100 Stems
20" - 22"
160 Stems
20" - 22"
300 Stems
20" - 22"


By amazon customerVerified Buyer
THIS order arrived well packaged and the product - the flowers were fresh, beautiful, and remained so, as carnations do. I was very pleased with this purchase. Although I had a poor experience with the calla lillies, I had success with these.
By Samantha PayneVerified Buyer
This is my bouquet 2 weeks after my wedding. Very happy with my flowers! I ordered 100 white mini spray carnations and 100 different colored catnations. They took about 3 days to open up.