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(QB) Rose Sh Assorted (4 Different Colors, No Red Color)
100 Stems of 4 Assorted Color Roses
Select Delivery Date: Feb 14, 2020
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Fresh Blue Roses Natural Flowers
Blue Roses Choose Your Quantity From 50 to 250 Roses
50 to 250 Roses
Lose yourself in this enchanting deep blue color boasted by soft, charming rose petals. Just imagine these terrific flowers nestled in the dining room as families gather around the dinner table.
50 to 250 Stems of Blue Roses
2 Bouquets of 25 Stems Each
Tinted Blue
Hand Picked
The stems are 16" - 26" long
Vase Life: Stage on arrival:
Fresh Closed Bud
Time to Bloom:
24 - 48 Hours
Diameter when bloomed:
2.3" - 4.0"
 rose(s) per stem  

Guard Petals: Yes 3 - 5 
Product Code: d-09-blue-rose-qty
This offer of garden-fresh blue roses allows you to select from 6 different options ranging from a pack of 50 stems up to a whopping bouquet with 250 stalks of roses. No matter your quantity of choice, know that each stem will be harvested fresh from our greenhouses and sent directly to the address of your choice, all without additional shipping fees. That's right, you are getting so much value for your money with our fresh blue roses, free delivery service and complimentary sachets of floral nutrients. All that for this low wholesale price point.

Spread the joy of these charming and electrifying blue roses by presenting them as a gift bouquet for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries and more celebratory events. If they are needed for weddings, why not craft them into cascading bridal pieces along with stems of eucalytus or white peonies. These flowers can even be paired with smaller white blooms for an elegant look or be turned into table centerpieces or floral napkin rings to offer a chic flair to any event.

For special events, we recommend delivery
2 to 3 days prior, to allow flowers to bloom.

*Credits or refunds will not be issued if orders
are delivered 1 day later than the scheduled date
due to unforeseen courier related issues.
50 Stems
16" - 18"
75 Stems
24" - 26"
100 Stems
20" - 22"
150 Stems
24" - 26"
200 Stems
20" - 22"
250 Stems
16" - 18"